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Be part of a greener, healthier future
—one stove at a time.

By implementing energy-efficient stoves, we’re reducing carbon emissions, combating air pollution, and empowering women.

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Pioneering Sustainable Change in the Heart of the Himalayas

In the breathtaking villages nestled amidst the foothills of the Himalayas, Hindukush, and Pamir mountain ranges, the Stove Project stands as a groundbreaking initiative dedicated to driving sustainable change. In these mountainous terrains, pervasive energy poverty has given rise to formidable challenges, contributing to rampant deforestation and environmental crises. The absence of clean energy sources for cooking and heating has exacerbated the situation, intensifying the impact of poverty. As climate change raises temperatures and worsens natural disasters, the urgency to address these interconnected issues becomes paramount.

Our Focus: High Mountains of South and Central Asia

Our current efforts are concentrated on the high mountains of South and Central Asia, home to nearly 240 million people. These communities grapple with the adverse impacts of climate change, compounded by a lack of governmental support. Those living in abject poverty face significant challenges.


Dedicated to Sustainable Solutions

In the face of escalating climate change, the Stove Project is committed to reducing carbon emissions and improving the lives of women in these communities. Our pilot phase involves the implementation of 100 energy-efficient stoves, with completion slated for December 2023. These stoves are designed to revolutionize daily lives by enabling cooking and heating with minimal smoke emissions, addressing the pressing issue of air pollution. Additionally, our commitment extends to refining stove designs and identifying alternative, sustainable fuel sources to tackle the problem of deforestation caused by the prevalent use of wood.


Striving Towards the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Aligned with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, we actively explore various avenues for project funding and assess opportunities within the carbon credit market. Our overarching goal is to ensure the longevity and scalability of our initiatives, leaving a lasting impact on local communities and the environment. The lives of women, in particular, stand to benefit greatly from these efforts, as they play a pivotal role in household activities affected by traditional cooking methods.


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Our Team

Hamida Babool


Carrollton, Tx USA

Deo Raj Gurung


Dushanbe, Tajikistan

Akbar Thobani

Data Science Team Lead

Carrollton, TX 75010

Kaamil Thobani

Data Science Team Intern

Carrollton, TX USA

Ron Simenhois

Avalanche AI Prediction Advisor

Leadville, CO USA

Sarthak Ojha

Data Science Team Member

Mumbai, India

Rahim Dobariya

GIS & Remote Sensing

Mumbai, India

Douglas Chabot

Avalanche Advisor

Bozeman, MT USA

Dr Salman Bhai, MD

NeuroNext ESI

Dallas, TX, USA

Altaf Hajiyani

Operations Lead

Houston, TX USA

Shama Maknojia

Development Lead

Houston, TX USA

Saima Dhanani

Finance Lead

Carrollton, TX USA

Suleman Punjani

Digital Marketing

Lawrenceville, GA USA

Murad Samnani

Web Design

Vancouver, Canada

Join Us on this Transformative Journey

We invite you to join us on this transformative journey towards a greener, healthier future for these mountain communities—one stove at a time. Your contribution can make a significant difference, not only in reducing carbon emissions and combating air pollution but also in empowering the lives of women and achieving our collective Sustainable Development Goals. Together, let’s ignite change for the better!

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